G.I. Josie – Nonprofit for Female PTSD & MST

Mission Statement

G.I. Josie, Inc., is a non-profit public benefit corporation organized under the Nonprofit Public Benefit Law for charitable purposes. G.I. Josie, Inc., is dedicated to saving and improving the lives of single women veterans and their children by supplying affordable housing in a ranch setting and offering animal interaction as well as other non-clinical therapies in order for them to mitigate as well as eradicate the suffering and suicides which arise from the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Military Sexual Trauma incurred as a result of their service in the United States Military. The serenity of our chosen locations along with access to our non-clinical therapy programs in addition to VA supplied clinical therapy and case management will allow our veterans the place and time to heal and become productive members of society.


Single-women veterans, including those with children, who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Military Sexual Trauma (MST) have largely been an ignored demographic, not only by the Veterans Administration, but also society at large and immediately need our help.

Helping our women to return to society as productive individuals not only benefit the veterans, but also their children, their extended families and society at large. Providing a safe and sane community in which our veterans can heal is paramount to their recovery from PTSD and MST. At G.I. Josie, Inc., we believe the everyday clamor of urban noise is a detriment to healthy living and reduces the ability of the veteran to overcome the daily stresses of life and further prevents the healing process.

Residents will have duties to accomplish within the ranch as well as community outreach volunteer time. At Josie, we believe if our women can help others they will be helping themselves. Animal Interaction Therapy (equine & canine), garden therapy and ocean therapy as well as all of the other non-clinical therapies that will be provided to our vets, are proven remedies to the suffering our women veterans endure as a result of service in our military. In addition, G.I. Josie, Inc., will be employing at least six (6) qualified residents for part-time employment giving them self-worth while also allowing time for the aforementioned animal interaction and scheduled non-clinical therapy programs.